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Education & Training

Education and Training
With more than $1.2 trillion spent annually, the Education industry comprises nearly 10% of the U.S. economy, second only to Healthcare. Education and Training activities permeate nearly every sector of the economy. An increasingly specialized knowledge-based economy is driving the need for formalized life-long learning, promoting long-term growth in the industry. Furthermore, technology is a disruptor, promising to revolutionize learning, improve accountability, and cut costs.


Education and Training
As the leader of Chessiecap’s Education & Training practice, Bill Bavin has advised clients throughout this dynamic sector of the economy for two decades. His experience and clients have spanned the entire life-long learning continuum from pre-K12 to post-secondary to training & development, as well as the education value chain from content to educational services to infrastructure companies.

Buttressed by our extensive experience in Government Services, Information Technology and Healthcare Services, Chessiecap has a combined depth of experience to understand and bring value to a rapidly changing Education industry that leverages technology at every opportunity.


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