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Healthcare Services & IT

Healthcare Services
Chessiecap Healthcare Services is focused on healthcare providers and related healthcare services. These may be corporations or professional practices. Examples of Chessiecap clients include providers of:

  • Clinical trial management
  • Back office support, both on and offsite
  • Receivables management services including software platforms

Our Healthcare Services practice is augmented by our depth in Information Technology (“IT”) and Telecommunications. The confluence of data management, while respecting the boundaries defined by HIPAA, and the nearly ubiquitous use of handheld devices by healthcare staff and professionals have driven a melding of IT and Telecommunications expertise into traditional healthcare provision and solutions. Chessiecap offers a multi-practice approach (IT, Telecommunications and Healthcare Services) to address this market that represents approximately 15% of the nation’s GDP.


Contact Chessiecap Partners:

Gordon Treco and Doug Schmidt

Email: gordon@chessiecap.com

Healthcare Services